Colorful Collection

This collection focuses on working the feet in more detail, with the possibility of playing with heights and styles. The mosaic collection seeks versatility and creativity in its productions. Its textures resemble handicrafts and expand possibilities for customization. Available in 38 colors

Premium Collection


Metallic colors are a trend in productions. We started with gold and silver colors and in 2017 we launched a sophisticated line in Rose Gold.

Also part of the collection are the colorful version rimmed in golden, which allows you to play amazing combinations with an elegant golden touch. 

Clean Collection

The clean line came to bring softness and neutrality to the assemblies, valuing cakes, sweets and decoration even more. Made of polycarbonate to guarantee transparency and quality.


Accessories designed in geometric shapes, which provide textures and height to the productions. In 2022, together with the trend of imperfect shapes, we launched the arched trays that provide organic textures and also depth, widely used today in the party market.

Celebrate Kits

We truly believe in the creativity of our public and for this reason we seek to develop sustainable pieces, which fit together and can be sanitized and reused many times.At this time, we made an effort to set up differentiated options for combining shades so that they could be used in small-sized events, usually at home. We hope to create positive memories and celebrate life with you. 

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